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    Default Nayantara getting too expensive for producers

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    We reported a few days back that actress Nayantara was all set to make her ‘comeback’ in films thereby coming out of her self-imposed hiatus which lasted a few months.

    After her official announcement on her re-entry into films Tollywood makers have been running after Nayanthara like never before. After playing critically acclaimed Seetha role in Sri Rama Rajyam, Nayan is being chased by our producers and heroes as well.

    Although Nayan stated that she won’t act anymore as she is planning to marry Prabhu Deva and settle down in life, Tollywood people are not giving up on her. With so many persons running after her, Nayanthara saw an opportunity to cash in on.

    Recently when a top producer approached her with a nice offer, Nayanthara responded by demanding 2.5 crores to sign it. She asked him to come up with an offer that she can’t deny and the producer was left shocked at her demands. She has done this deliberately to get rid of the offers, say some sections of media.

    Even some of the top actresses haven’t been paid this much for a film. Notwithstanding her fee for the film, we can only wish Nayan good luck on her ‘second innings’ in films!



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