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    Default Nandini Reddy says goodbye to Twitter

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    Among the networks now the famous one is Twitter which is a social networking site has been the most sought after one for the Tollywood folks. It is noted that heroes, heroines, and the directors keep sharing their thoughts on this and they are developing a friendship network to connect with their fans on a personal level.

    Somehow it is heard that a lady director has ran away from it. She is the budding director Nandini Reddy. After having scored a hit with her debut venture, Nandini director was quite active on Twitter and used to come up with few tweets and opinionated statements which raised the eyebrows of many.

    The latest update is that she has not keep line with Twitter anymore as she has been getting few strong indecent messages. While the content of the messages is unknown, it is heard that the director Nandini could not take it anymore and bid goodbye to it. Let us see if her forthcoming venture might prompt her to make a comeback.

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