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    Default All is not well in the Nandamuri family

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    If the latest buzz is to be believed all is not well in the Nandamuri family. A split is observed between the fans. All these years, there was no difference between Nandamuri fans and Jr NTR fans. But now, the situation has come in such away that the entire group is dividing into two.

    It is a general practice that whenever fans attempt to erect hoardings or posters of any Nandamuri hero, they use the pictures of entire clan right from Sr NTR to Balakrishna’s son Mokshagna and Nara Rohit. But in the freshly erected hoarding of Adhinayakudu at Vijayawada Jayaram Theatre, there is no mention of Jr NTR’s name or picture. This gives a clear indication that Nandamuri fans cornered Jr NTR.

    "It is definitely a snub to the Jr NTR. The actor has parted ways with TDP chief N Chandra Babu Naidu siding with his father Harikirshna instead. Jr NTR was no where to be seen when Balakrishna campaigned for TDP in the lead up top the by polls as well. But the issue is being kept under wraps for obvious reasons," says a source close to NTR.

    We have to see where this issue ends. Till a few weeks back, a difference was observed between Pawan Kalyan and rest of Konidela clan. But on the occasion of ‘Gabbar Singh’ audio release, with the arrival of Chiranjeevi, the issue was closed. Let us see something of that sort happens even in Nandamuri clan that drops curtain for these issues.



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