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    Default Mazher Sayedd down with food poison

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    Mazher Sayedd who is playing the wicked Rohit in Rakt Sambandh recently had a terrible time while shooting for a sequence for which he had to eat food from the set. As soon as he consumed it he started vomiting on the spot.

    Mazher says, “The scene was I had to eat some food; we did a few retakes. After the shot was over I started puking and my condition worsened when I kept going to the loo. I could not continue my shoot for that day. At home too I could not relax at all because of non-stop loose motions. I consulted my family doctor and he has given me medicines."

    Mazher's co-stars are taking full advantage of his condition and making him feel jealous by bring and eating his favourite dishes in front of him. "I have been eating sad food like curd and banana every day. Normally I carry my lunch with me and finish my co-stars’ lunches as well. They all are teasing me now by spreading my horrible story. But one way it is good for me as I do not have to go to the gym now. I think my character is so evil and abusive that the female audience should have surely cursed me badly and that is the reason why I am suffering like this,” he quips.

    Sayedd made his comeback on television with Rakt Sambandh recently after a gap of a year.
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