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    Default Mahhi Vij and Jay Bhanushali celebrated their second anniversary

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    Mahhi Vij and Jay Bhanushali celebrated their second anniversary on Sunday, 9th September. Jay despite travelling and his busy schedule took time off and celebrated this special day with a delicious customized cake. The actor's surprise gift to his dear wife was that he will be taking her on a vacation to Chicago next month. Friends attended the special day celebration of the couple.

    When we asked Mahhi what was the best thing she liked about her husband, she replied, "He loves me." What is that one quality of her husband she doesn't like? "He is too nice," she answered.

    Though detractors have pointed out that there is too much of a height difference between the two and Mahhi is older than Jay; the truth is they look great as husband and wife. Mahhi feels, "We don't have much of a height difference. With a three inch heel I am near to him in height."

    Nor does Mahhi being older matter at all. "When we go out, people say I look younger than him," Mahhi brings to our notice.

    So when will this lovely couple become proud parents? Mahhi replies, "Maybe next year." Their baby will surely be very cute, as both parents are after all good looking.
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