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    Default Lakhon Mein Ek tackles ragging

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    Indian television is never known to have tackled burning social issues. The scenario first underwent a change with Satyamev Jayate (SJ) and now Lakhon Mein Ek on Star Plus. This Big Synergy presentation salutes ordinary people who take on the might of societal and governmental systems.

    Yesterday’s episode dealt with trials and tribulations of Mr. Rajindra Kachroo (Yashpal Sharma) who lost his son Aman, a medical college student, to ragging.

    The structure of the episode that went from the past to the present was quite engaging. The helplessness of a father touched a chord in all. I admit that normally, TV content does not hold me, but this episode did for I have seen ragging up front and personal. Luckily I was not subject to the extreme abuse but poor Aman had to endure. The scene where he repeatedly takes bath gave us a glimpse into the extreme physiological pressures he was being subjected to. The narrative also exposed the utter apathy the government officials and ministers hold for raging. They say we have bigger issues like floods and terrorism to deal with. What really was being highlighted was the criminal collaboration the college authorities had with the raggers.

    One of the best parts in his sad story was Aman’s aunt who said that society must allow men to cry for that is warning signals that ‘all is not well’. The documentary drama was marked by very good performances by Yashpal Sharma and Navni Parihar as the emotional mother of Aman.
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