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    Default KS Rama Rao weeping silently for 'Dammu'

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    The first person to feel very happy with the success of a film is its producer. But that doesn’t seem to be the case with the producers of the super hit film ‘Dammu’. Though they are flashing smiles everywhere, it is heard that they are going through a lot of pain inside. If you are wondering why, here is the reason.

    KS Rama Rao is one of the well known producers in Tollywood circuit and those who know him say that he is tough, shrewd and mentally strong person. However, all that seems to didn’t work with his recent offering ‘Dammu’. Buzz is that K S Rama Rao has been weeping silently for "Dammu" loses.

    Buzz is that for the budget of moviemaking and his understanding with distributors the final count shows that there is minimum 20% loss for K S Rama Rao. Though they sold it for a good price some shares were agreed on returns basis. On the other hand, in the name of success meet and post release promotions pressure is being applied on him.

    With big guests coming to Park Hyatt and a big feast arranged, it amounted upto Rs 3500 per head as per sources. This means more losses to K S Rama Rao.

    That way, though ‘Dammu’ is talking of big figures, the truth according to sources is, K S Rama is crying at home for the losses being incurred.



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