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    Default Kandireega director alleges Bellamkonda Suresh hit him

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    Popular producer Bellamkonda Suresh who is known for his headstrong behavior has yet again shown his arrogant attitude. As per the reports from our close sources in film industry, there were serious verbal arguments went on between director Santosh Srinivas and Bellamkonda regarding the financial aspects (in particular, remuneration issue). In a moment of uncontrollable anger, Bellamkonda has physically assaulted Santosh Srinivas and thrown him out of the office.

    Bellamkonda Suresh and cameraman turned director Santosh Srinivas has earlier worked together for the film Kandireega and it was a hit film. Now the duo are working together for the film Kandireega 2 with same hero and the movie also launched recently.

    Earlier reports are heard that this producer has forcibly made Santosh Srinivas to sign a contract of two films at low package for offering that debut movie. Entire episode has its roots lying in super success of Kandireega thus making the same team of Ram, Bellamkonda and Santosh Srinivas to start working on Kandireega 2.

    As media channels are focusing on this sensational issue, none of the two were available to comment. It is worth to remind here on how Bellamkondas state of mind has caused damages in his relation with Ram and then director Gautham Vasudev Menon too.

    So, we have to wait and see how the director’s Association will take action on this issue. Another question is that whether Santosh Srinivas would make this film for the producer or not?



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