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    Default Kajal Agarwal worried over her fake Twitter account

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    Stardom brings along with it a lot of fame and wealth and at times a lot of troubles and brickbats from people. Kajal Agarwal is currently paying the price for the name and fame she has earned.

    Now days, the creation of fake celebs micro-blogging accounts has become quite common. A fake twitter account in the name of @KajalAgarwal is giving sleepless nights to the actress.

    There is some fraudulent who is using her name and has created a Twitter account. Infact, the fake account holder is wrongly tweeting the news and attributing it to Kajal Agarwal. The actress seems to be blissfully unaware about its existence even though it has been around for months now.

    Worse, it has a huge following and boasts of regular updates on an almost daily basis due to which the fans and followers have been truly led to believe that they have been interacting with the real Kajal. This account is run with a handle @KajalAgarwal and has as many as 60,000 followers already.

    Quite a few prominent celebrities too have been taken for a ride believing that this person is the real Kajal. Surprisingly, Kajal had no clue that such an account existed. Now that she has been informed about it. Kajal Agarwal is upset with the fake Twitter account. She is planning to file a police complaint against it soon, said a source close to the actress.

    Well, Kajal you better make a move before the damage is done!



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