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    Default Kajal Agarwal too busy to go on a vacation

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    Kajal Agarwal and Nisha Agarwal are two popular celebrity sisters who had made their mark in Telugu cinema. But the sisters are finding it tough to have some family time together.

    Nisha Agarwal was looking forward to a cool vacation this summer, but unfortunately Kajal could not make it because of her busy schedule.

    “We were planning to travel to some exotic locales this summer but Kajal has been continuously shooting.

    So we pushed our travel plans to August and both of us got back to work. I am working on a new Telugu film this summer and will be shooting till June,” she says.

    Meanwhile Nisha Agarwal is eagerly expecting the release of her maiden Tamil flick, Ishtam, opposite Vimal. Ishtam is the remake of Sampath Nandi's "Emaindi Ee Vela".



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