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    Default Jr NTR fans annoyed with RGV comments

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    Ram Gopal Varma, better known as RGV, is an Indian film maker, who is well known more for his blunt nature, eccentricity and outspokenness than the movies which he makes. Whatever he does was considered as a publicity stunt by critics and general cine goers.

    Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma, who is known for his controversial statements is yet again back with few sensational tweets in his trademark satirical way. RGV has the habit taking up any arbitrary topic each day and make few random statements. He recently posted few controversial comments on Pujari's and their day to day activities.

    He said,"I wonder if God ever gets irritated with the pujaris constanthy hollering prayers into his ears nd throwing things at him?.I always wondered if the pujaris themselves know the meaning of what they keep on chanting?The most horrible sight I have ever seen is that of a pujari blowing his nose in front of God...I felt so sorry for God".As expected and as RGV wished, those tweets did not go well with a targeted community.

    From his end, Ramu reportedly mentioned that he just asked some questions innocently and not to insult anyone. He added that he should actually file a case against Brahmins. He quoted the way NTR Junior made a mockery of sorts in the film ĎAdhursí and added that he didnít show that discrimination.

    Though his tweets are made with a lighter vein, this might not go well Jr NTR fans, because NTR's character in Adhurs was not derogatory, but just fun oriented.



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