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    Default Jr NTR dance moves disappointing his fans

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    It is known to all Jr. NTR is one of the best dancers in Tollywood cinema has ever seen, next to Chiranjeevi. He has carved a niche for himself that no one can close to him in dance. NTR's dance is an eye feast to all those who come to watch his movements. Not to mention Jr NTR is an accomplished Kuchipudi dancer.

    Jr.NTR first to make a lasting impression on audiences with razor speed dance moves. Later Allu Arjun arrived and proved to be an equally good dancer. NTR was once ranked as the best among the current generation heroes in the dancing department. Allu Arjun has put in lot of efforts to beat him in dances and with Arya 2 and Badrinath; Arjun took the number one slot in the best dancers list.

    NTR stopped to thrill his fans with extra ordinary dance moves. After Adurs, NTR is not dancing like before. In Dammu, even his fans are being shocked to see NTR moving like a very ordinary dancer. He is one of the heroes who can bring repeat audiences just for dances. The speed and grace are completely missing. But in Dammu, the dancer in NTR was missing. Is this because of poor choreography or lack of interest or due to the injury he suffered during that fatal accident?

    Whatever may be the reason, NTR fans are badly missing the great dancer. Letís hope he bounces back very soon and takes over the top place yet again.



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