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    Default Jalandhar is Shiva's look alike; Gods urge Mahadev to cure Parvati's amnesia right away in Life OK's

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    Lord Shiva gives birth to his enemy in the most unexpected way ever on Life OKís Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev (Triangle Films Company). Being a man, he surely canít give birth from his womb. Rays of light emanating from his third eye, strikes the depths of the deep blue sea. An adversary with the name of Jalandhar takes birth from those beams of light that trickle into the ocean. Jalandhar happens to be a clone of Mahadev.

    However, even if two people are as alike as two peas, their hearts will be different and that pertains to Jalandhar and Mahadev as well. Both enter into a fight. Mohit Raina who plays Shiva will most likely play Jalandhar too.

    Also, Parvati (Sonarika Bhadoria) loses her memory. She had asked her husband to fetch flowers for her but he was unable to do so. Parvati had told her husband that she would lose her memory if he didnít fetch flowers for her. Ganesha on visiting his nanaís house is shocked and hurt that his mother doesnít have the slightest inkling as to who he is. He tries hard to remind his mother of the good old days of the past. He starts crying when he canít help her to regain her memory. Vishnu and Brahma urge Mahadev to do something right away to resolve this situation.

    ...being a human...



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