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    Talking Jai Soni's tale of true luck

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    [DOWN]Jai Soni aka Ishaan of Ravi Ojha and Star Plus' Sasural Genda Phool can't stop thanking his stars. Apparently, he feels he wasn't committed enough towards his auditions but the heavens were kind enough to land him up in a good place!

    Jai confesses, "I have to tell you that I wasn't as sincere about going to the auditions as I should have been. I went in with a hazy mind. I was specifically asked to wear formals but when I looked in my cupboard…guess what? I did not find one single pair of formals. Perhaps, side-effects of last minute preps, so I went to the auditions wearing casuals."

    When he arrived at the venue, he ended up feeling more awkward. Jai tells us, "I saw that everyone was wearing formals. The sight left me feeling pretty silly. I thought I should walk out, but my Manager Mr. Rupesh Sonar kept talking me into staying back. He was all- you perfectly fit this role, so you shouldn't miss the audition."

    However, Jay was feeling so low that he started to walk out. However, destiny had him in good hold as he tells us, "When I started to leave, the EP of the show said- Now that you're already here, I seriously think you should complete the auditions and then leave. So thanks to all these good people finally I awaited my turn and gave the auditions. I was overwhelmed when I bagged the lead role. I couldn't help wondering how on earth things got so right with me!"

    Jay Soni's character Ishaan is a nave guy who is clueless that his new bride Suhana (Ragini Khanna) is set to create havoc in his life.

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