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    Default 'I'm shocked by the abrupt end of the show' Naveen Sen

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    Neeraj aka Naveen Sen the mischievous young brother of Iamgine TVís, Do Hanson Ka Jodaa expresses his disappointment on the abrupt closure of the show...

    Naveen Sen, runner up of Zee TV's, Cinestar Ki Khoj, and who is presently enacting the role of Neeraj in Imagine TV's, Do Hanson Ka Jodaa shares his television journey with tellybuzzÖ

    Tell us something about your experience with Do Hanson Ka Jodaa?
    It has been a splendid experience and all credits to the production house, Rajeshri. They are just awesome people to work with they share a very homely feeling, very punctual and professional. And the best part is that they avoid having night shifts.

    And how has been the journey from Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki to Do Hanson ka Jodaa?
    Actually, after being awarded as the runner up of Zee Cinestar Ki Khoj, I had signed a movie. Post I joined Balaji Telefilms as I wasn't accustomed to the hectic shooting schedule of fiction shows but after mutual understanding with the production house I decided to quit the show.

    But I have got lot of popularity through Ekta Kapoor and she has the capability to make someone a star and help them gain stardom overnight.

    Tell us something about your character growth in the serial post your brother's death?
    Earlier my character hardly made its presence felt but now after around 5 months my track is working in a full swing. The character growth also has been amazing. Earlier my role was that of a mischievous, pampered kind of a guy and the shade in my character changed gradually.

    And now post my brother's death I have become more responsible, protective towards my sister in law and have a strong hold over the family and things affecting their lives.

    And what's your take on your show Do Hanson ka Jodaa having an abrupt closure?
    I'm not satisfied and very disappointed with channel decision but Rajshri production is very loyal to its cast and crew. So they have come to such conclusion.

    But personally just a day prior when I got the news of the show shutting down my father and I were planning to celebrate Durga Pooja in our native place in Calcutta and when my boy came in an informed me about our show wrapping up I just got blank for a second, it came as a shock to me more so because things turned sour at the moment when the show was moving through a very interesting phase and was receiving good response. So it's more depressing.

    You have got an opportunity to work with two renowned production houses so how has been the occurrence?
    The personal occurrence with both production houses has been great but the only difference I feel is that Balaji Telefilms promotes the show as well as all their characters on a huge scale whereas Rajshri Production depends on its concept for public attention.

    So, post this while choosing a character what would you look for?
    As per my understanding the biggest flaw in the TV industry is that the character sketch changes in every two weeks depending on the TRP because in Indian television industry both, the growth of a serial as well as the characters depends on the audience liking. So I should like and understand the basic characteristic of the role.

    Are you looking forward for any special kind of character?
    (smiles)I have been receiving lot of mails saying that they want to see me enacting the role of a romantic lover boy.

    What are your passions except acting?
    Except acting I Love going to gym my day doesn't complete without working out. I'm a big time fitness freak and also love playing football.

    Do you hold any kind of fear in life?
    I have never thought about it. But since childhood whenever I received any award I used to get damn nervous. May be I have an Award fear (smiles).

    Any TV actor or production house you wish to work with in future?
    I would like to work with Ronit Roy and Alok Nath. And when it comes to production house I'm looking forward to work with Rajan Shahi's, Director's Kut. Apart from that as an actor I want to enjoy what I do.
    ...being a human...



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