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    Default Ilesh-Bhoomi to break up in Krishnaben Khakhrawala

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    Some testing times lie ahead for Krishnaben in Krishnaben Khakhrawala. Krishnaben is not too keen on her son Ilesh marrying the girl of his choice and circumstances eventually lead to some differences between the mother and the son.

    A source informs, “Ilesh convinces Krishna to meet Bhoomi and her parents. Meanwhile, Krishnaben is not sure if Bhoomi would adjust in Ambawadi. After she has a talk with Bhoomi’s parents, she realises her family is also against the marriage since they believe that Ilesh won’t be able to keep their daughter happy. On their way back, Krishnaben informs Ilesh that she is not ready to get the two married and this upsets him.

    “Bhoomi’s father meanwhile plans to put Krishnaben in a spot. He pretends that Krishnaben has been badmouthing Bhoomi while he and his wife have no problems to see the two married. He tells Bhoomi that Krishnaben would agree to their marriage only if their property was transferred to Ilesh’s name. Bhoomi meets up with Ilesh and informs him about the whole incident and decides to break up with him.”
    Indira Krishnan (Krishnaben) says, “It’s an interesting track. Now, Krishnaben would adopt some Krishnagiri to deal with the problem. This time she will have to deal with her son. A mother would always want her son to be happily married but when Krishna meets Bhoomi she realizes she comes from a higher class and won’t be able to adopt their family values.
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