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    Default Gulaal's power to detect water fake?

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    Gulaal's power to detect water fake?

    Star Plus and Sphere Origins' Gulaal to see an unexpected twist in the coming episodes..

    Star Plus and Sphere Origins' Gulaal in its latest episode saw the unfortunate fall of Gulaal's father post the revelation of the identity of Lakha who is Vasant (Rahil Azam) in real.
    Adding further on the track our source says "The last episode showed the ill-fated incident where Gulaal's (Mansi Parekh) father meets with an accident. Tonight's episode will see Lakha saving him by donating blood. After this development, he asks Gulaal (Mansi Parekh) to save his village from drought as a return help, which she agrees to do."
    We hear that there is a twist coming for the audience!!
    Our source says "When she reaches the village the power of Gulaal, that is her capability to detect water underground with her payal on proves fake. When she goes to Rasipur to help the village get out of the drought, it is seen that Gulaal aka Neerja is unable to detect water, i.e. the magical movement of the anklets by its own turns out to be a bogus."

    What's the twist behind this? What happens in the village that proves the sixth sense of Gulaal to be fake?

    That is something the viewers have to watch to be revealed.
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