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    Itís not just the boys, the girls are getting interested in cricket as well.

    This season of the IPL has seen a 20 per cent rise in viewership in India as compared to the two years before. And itís the women from South India who are topping the list according to TAM Sports, that tracks telly
    viewership for sports.

    In Bangalore, itís 44 per cent women watching IPL along with 56 per cent men, and in Chennai itís 40 per cent women alongside 60 per cent men. Hyderabad, too, has seen a steady rise this season and a good 39 per cent women are glued to the IPL.

    South Indian women viewers
    number high because of the larger women base there compared to other parts in India. ďBut itís also a high amount of awareness,Ē points out Sneha Rajani, EVP & Business Head of the IPL broadcasting channel, adding, ďBesides, the fact that the South teams have been doing well all three seasons.Ē

    After the metros in the South, itís Ahmedabad where the ladies are very excited about the game... the women viewership here accounts for 37 per cent. It was 32 per cent last year. Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata come next with an average of 35 per cent women watching the IPL matches in all three cities and Pune follows with a 33 per cent women viewership. In Mumbai, thereís been a growth in the women viewership ó in 2008, it was 31 per cent; in 2010 it has increased to 35 per cent.

    There are various reasons for the growth in women viewership. Firstly, the 20-20 format has excited everyone and women enjoy this form of the game far more than the 50 over ODIs and Test matches (not too many takers for this!). The IPLís mix of players from across all countries adds to the thrill. Added to that is the star power in IPL teams.

    Some women have got hooked onto cricket by default. Like when thereís one TV set at home, the women have no choice, but to check out what it is thatís gripping their men so much! And slowly they have developed a liking for it.



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