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    Default Five celebrities we don't want to see on TV

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    TELLY AVATAR: Dayaben on Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma
    "I tried to draw inspiration from a real person who is simple, has ordinary dreams and is known for the way she speaks. The idea is to highlight social ills in a funny way."

    WHY WE DESERVE A BREAK FROM HER: Dayaben started off with a huge fan following, especially in the Gujarati community, thanks to the fact that her deliberately done dumb act seemed quirky to begin with. Over the months that the show has been running, however, neither Disha nor her producers have shown any interest in redefining her character.
    Most characters on western comedy shows, say Friends, survive by reinventing themselves despite retaining their characteristic traits. Sadly, that doesn't happen on Indian television and Dayaben is no exception to the rule. On the show, Disha tends to repeat the same punchlines in every episode, almost mechanically acting out clich├ęd gags with a trademark over-the-top style. Overall, Disha as Dayaben has become boring and fails to hold any surprise anymore. The worst part about Dayaben is her speech deformity, which is played to the gallery in order to evoke some cheap laughs.

    TELLY AVATAR: Stand-up comedian currently seen on Comedy Circus
    "Most of jokes I crack on TV are based on the script handed to me. I have to present gags that suit the requirement of a particular show."

    WHY WE DESERVE A BREAK FROM HER: Of late, Bharati's Lalli jokes have become repetitive. Her jarring make-up and tendency to screech endlessly in an effort to deliver the loud punchlines don't help either. Worse, she shows no sign on improving her level of comedy or adding a new dimension to what has already worked.

    She has started to bank on the scripts provided by her producers, which goes against the spirit of stand-up comedy. Given the fact that her comedy was always based on instinct, the scripted gags don't work for her. Of late, she is increasingly resorting to below-the-belt comedy too, which makes her acts irritating.


    TELLY AVATAR: The chauvinistic Thakur Sajjan Singh on Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya

    "I play an evil character but women have said they find me funny."

    WHY WE DESERVE A BREAK FROM HIM: If regressive chauvinistic traits weren't enough, Shyam tries to complete the evil effect with a limping gait. Inadvertently, he makes a politically incorrect statement on specially-abled people. The idea was to highlight the problem of domestic violence. Shyam's loud portrayal, however, has reduced Sajjan's evil traits into something comical.


    TELLY AVATAR: Currently hosts Rakhi Ka Insaaf
    "I have seen more ups and downs in life than most people, so I am what I am. I have always been the most outspoken person I have known. If my personality amuses my fans, that's fine with me."

    WHY WE DESERVE A BREAK FROM HER: Rakhi has pulled too many fast ones on us by now. From faking a reality marriage to staging a kissing controversy off screen with onetime friend, bhangrapopper Mika, she has done it all.

    She is an essentially talentless actress who made her mark as an item dancer in Hindi films, and she should have remained as much. Instead, her tendency has been to try and survive solely on the basis of antics. Her latest, Rakhi Ka Insaaf, has taken TV sensationalism to an all-time low.
    In an attempt to ape The Jerry Springer Show, she humiliated a guest on the show by calling him impotent, which allegedly led to the man committing suicide. She has failed to show any understanding about sensitive issues such as domestic abuse, infidelity and the casting couch, which she regularly deals with on her show, Rakhi Ka Insaaf.

    In a nutshell, Rakhi defines a dangerous trend that's fast emerging on Indian TV.


    TELLY AVATAR: Contestant on Bigg Boss 4

    "Let people say what they want. The only reason they point fingers at me is because I am not fake. I am outspoken, true. But I give back what I get. If others play games with me I won't take it lying down. I don't care what names people give me, I won't tolerate nonsense."

    WHY WE DESERVE A BREAK FROM HER: She has emerged as the Filth Queen of Indian TV. Clearly trying to step into the shoes of Jade Goody from Celebrity Big Brother, the international show on which Bigg Boss is based, Dolly was ousted from the show over disciplinary issues. She was brought back because her exit left the show with little or no spice. All along, her behaviour has been crass and she doesn't let go of half a chance to pick a fight with one of the other housemates.
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