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    Default 'I dream Sunday with glass of wine on the beach' -Dheeraj Dhoopar

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    Dheeraj Dhoopar who is presently seen in Star Plus' Behenein shares his Sunday plans with TellyBuzz

    Do you see sun rising on Sunday?
    (Laughs), well generally when I shoot till late I never ever see the sunrise. But before getting into acting, I was quite a disciplined guy, I used to get up early due to my love for seeing sunrise and to feel the warmth of the sun. I still remember the beautiful Lonavala sunrise that I have seen till date.

    Tell us the first thing that you do on Sunday?

    I truly behave like a school boy once I get up in the morning, just feel like lazing around.

    Share your Sunday morning routine?

    Once I get up and after my going thro' my lazy routine, I cook a very healthy breakfast for myself, read newspapers and then give a thought for further planning.

    The thing you would love to do on Sunday?
    I would love to go for a long drive or go outdoors.

    What includes your Sunday brunch?
    Normally, I have a full-fledged lunch as I am a Punjabi guy and being a big foodie, I love to have heavy delicacies like Butter Chicken, fish, cheesy stuffs.

    Do you plan for Sundays?
    (Laughs) well, working for a Daily soap we cannot plan for Sundays, that is the saddest part of being a daily soap actor.

    How many Sundays do you expect in a Week?
    If asked, I would suggest 6 Sundays in a week and only one working day because even work is important (smiles).

    What would be your Sunday dream plan?
    Dreams are many but in a zest, I would say sitting beside a beach side with a glass of wine in the sunshine, along with some sizzling hot sea food would be best time for me. And after having the sea food, I will plan to have a swim in the water for an hour or two and then again harp on the food. The circle goes on till I get satisfied.

    What is most exciting for you, Sunday or Saturday nights?

    For me Sundays are most exciting because we never know, we might get a call time for the next day on Saturday nights. So for me Sundays are the best.

    What do you expect from a Sunday?
    No such expectations, but I see to it that I am relaxed completely, forgetting all the tensions and worries. I just want to get away from everything and just chill on Sunday.
    ...being a human...



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