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    Default Discover Science's new show Deconstructed to air from 2 January

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    Discover Science is all set to air a new show called Deconstructed from 2 January 2012 onwards every Monday at 9pm. The show will carry out an animated expedition into the interiors of the machinery to reveal the complex world of gears, pistons, and pipes. The series will dissect routine objects to explain their functioning in an uncomplicated manner - from shedding light on bulbs and detailing the science behind the humble toaster to how a computerís hard disk stores all photos, movies and music.

    So, TV lovers, go on an interactive tour with Deconstructed to witness the unique graphical representation and remarkable experiments, explaining the working of diverse objects that make up the modern world.

    Some of the objects in display will be a catalytic converter, a toilet, night vision goggles, aquariums, and more.

    We bet this will be great fun!!!
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