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    Default Deepika Padukone’s prem kahani on sliver screen!

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    Deepika Padukone’s love story with Nihar Pandya, apparently her first guy, will now make it to the sliver screen. The film will be directed by Prashant Chadda. And guess who’s the actor?? Well, it’s none other than Nihar Pandya himself.

    Director Chadda said, “Nihar is like my brother. I was very close to Deepika as well once upon a time. In fact, I had launched her in a music video. Everybody knows how she walked out of Nihar’s life for Ranbir. Nihar was heartbroken. He had done everything by the book. He looked after her for three-and-a-half-years. In fact Deepika stayed in Nihar’s house with his parents for three years.”

    It all started back in 2005, in an acting institution where Deepika and Nihar fell in love. Deepy always maintained the “just friends” tag. However, things were crystal clear when Nihar threw a lavish party for DP on her birthday.

    Things were going great between the couple until Ranbir Kapoor made his entry.

    “Nobody knows that Deepika actually came crying back to Nihar after breaking up with Ranbir the first time. Nihar went looking for Ranbir, intercepted his car and asked him what he was doing with Deepika. Ranbir shot back, ‘Ask your girlfriend that’. Even after all this, Nihar took Deepika back. And then the same thing happened with Yuvraaj Singh,” claimed Chaddha.

    Though the story is facing opposition from certain quarters, yet Chaddha is adamant on making the film. “I owe it to Nihar.” concluded the filmmaker .
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