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    Default Chinmayee Sumeet takes a forced break from Laagi..

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    The audience of Colors TV's Laagi Tujhse Lagan might have noticed that Chinmayee Sumeet aka Baabi of the show is missing from the show these days. We hear that Baabi might go missing for a while, which might even be for few weeks or say even months!!

    A source from the sets informs, "Chinmayee Sumeet has stopped shooting for the show from past two weeks as she is suffering from some personal problems and health issues. It was the production house's decision to let her free for sometime by giving her a break. Though it was very tough for the makers to let go of the character, Chinmayee's persistent health problems forced them".

    Being a true professional Chinmayee informed TellyBuzz as she says, "Yes, I am on a break as I am suffering from a slip disc problem. I need to be treated soon, and I am now undergoing physiotherapy".

    "It would have been unprofessional on my part if I had discontinued working even before Nakusha's face revelation happened. I waited for that particular track to end so that I can get a break. As of now, the track is focusing on Dutta (Mishal Raheja) and Nakusha's love story and this gives me time to get back in shape", adds Chinmayee Sumeet.

    Talking about her comeback, she further says, "I do not know when I will be getting back. Even if I get cured on time, the production house needs to come up with a track for my comeback. So let's see how everything goes".

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