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    Thumbs up Three Cheers to all the Women...(Women's day SPECIAL)

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    Gone are those days when women used to be subjected to the anger, frustration and humiliation at the hands of the more active sex, i.e. the men!! Women of today are no longer the weak and naive section of the society. They have proved to be equally strong in all areas of work, just like the men.

    They are strong and are born to fight for their rights, and do voice their opinions to make people realize their presence and strength.

    On the occasion of Woman's day, TellyBuzz brings to you the viewpoints of the Woman fraternity from the television industry..

    Have a read!!!

    Kritika Kamra:

    Being a girl is an identity and I am proud to be a new age girl getting to play a lot of roles. There are a lot of responsibilities to be played being a girl but God has blessed us to play all of it. Men should understand that even if we are not physically aggressive, we are head strong and our opinions have to be respected.
    One woman that inspires me a lot is my mother because she is a very strong woman. I am from Delhi and the place is known for the notorious things that happen to women there. But being in Delhi, my parents have never been strict or restricted me for anythinge, ven for the clothes I wear. I have mostly male friends and they are all really cool. My parents have never asked me to sit idle at home. I am proud that I myself being a small town girl has been brought up with full freedom and broad mindedness.
    On this particular day I would like to say that, we have so many days to celebrate, but we should celebrate womanhood on Woman's day. And I would like to tell the guys that a mother in a woman should be respected because that's the most integral part and they deserve to be loved.

    Ragini Khanna:

    I am happy about that fact that I am a woman as we are emotionally stronger than the men and are capable of multitasking. We are always there to give support to people. And also we have a wider range of choice when it comes to clothes than men and we are prettier than them (laughs). I would want every man to know that no matter how strong we are and are pampered a lot, finally we want to be loved.
    My greatest inspiration is my mother. We girls in the industry are under constant struggle for dignity, as people look up to us with only one perspective. So being able to pierce through that, is one big task.
    On this special occasion I would like to say that we are special and beautiful and we know that we have the inner strength. I would like to tell all men that, when you love a girl, love her with all sincerity. Do not break her heart and think several times before doing that.

    Ridhi Dogra:

    Being a woman is something I am today and I have no say in it. But when I look back to the days in the past, I am really proud to be a woman of today because we have fought for our rights and safety. Men should know primarily that we have the strength to fight, even though we cry at the drop of a hat. They should know that we are experts in multi-tasking where we manage home as well as work. They should understand this and learn something from us.
    The most important woman in my life is my mother, in fact all the daughters will be proud of their mothers because we have grown up seeing them and they have laid the foundation for our future. I feel that I have to fight for my safety and rights all the time because of the society and we have to put double the effort of what men put to make people understand that we too are dignified people. We have to always be on our toes and be one step ahead.
    On this occasion of Woman's day I would like to tell everybody to celebrate the day for what you are, and do not look for reasons, or people who will make you happy because you have to do it by yourself. You are anyways special because being a woman is the most special thing that can happen. So have a blast today.

    Ankita Lokhande :

    Without a woman nothing is possible and life in incomplete without her. She is the one who gives birth to another life on the earth. I am happy to be born as a strong woman because I have gone through several struggles in my life. Luckily all the men around me respect women, be it my dad, brother or Sushant. All are really good and have a special part in my life. They care for me in all regards and just like how my dad respects my mother, Sushant and my brother too respect me. They always encourage me to do things that I like.
    One of my greatest inspirations is my grandma because she is one strong woman. Even after being paralyzed, she does the business all on her own and cooks food for nearly twenty five people alone. I would love to be like her and she is nicknamed as annapoorna as no person will go without food, if they are at my grandmother's place.
    On this day I would like to tell the women to always fight for themselves. Do not be discouraged by any fact and remember that girls are more successful today. Be strong.

    Aishwarya Sakhuja:

    I am thankful to God that I am a woman who is strong, ready to face challenges and is emotionally stable. Men always boast about being physically strong and I would like to say that we give birth to a new life and I do not know how much more should we prove that we are stronger. This is a piece of information to men, that let women be a mystery and more the mysterious and intriguing she is, the more she needs to be respected. This holds good for all men including the married as well as the unmarried.
    One woman I will always look up to is my mother because I saw the way she fought cancer. Although she is no more today, I will always look up to her as my idol. Given a chance I would like to do something against all the evil activities against the women.
    Today I congratulate all of them for being a woman and to be blessed to be born as one. Celebrate your womanhood and at the same time stop giving more importance to other sex.

    Giaa Manek:

    Being a woman is the best thing that could happen to me and I do believe that we do have the strength. There is a programme in Star Plus called Wife Bina Bife and that's when they realize the importance of a woman in their life and what she goes through each day. We have so many responsibilities and I really believe that we are strong because we have the strength of forgiveness and we do give a second chance for men. Men should understand that just like how he feels good when they are taken care of, women also need attention. But at the same time do not take her for granted in any sense.
    I to myself, am an inspiration because I believe that I am really good. I have not really gone through any tough phases till now. But being single, all my friends who are in relationship used to come towards me with their problems and I feel really satisfied when I help them out.
    On this very day I would like to wish every one a Happy Woman's Day; be proud to be a woman and be nice and humble to all, which includes people who are rude to you as well. Don't ever get upset with anything because just believe that God is just throwing stones at you so that you can bear the fruits that are yet to come.

    Rubina Dilaik:

    Being a woman is the most beautiful thing to happen and women are God's most beautiful creations on earth. This is an era where women are worshiped. Men should understand that we are more powerful.
    The woman who inspires me is my mother as she is one strong woman. But at the same time my dad has also fought for us, three sisters a lot in the family. We used to stay in a joint family and my relatives used to ask my dad why we have to be sent to a convent school and why should we be given the property and stuffs because being daughters, we are to leave the house one day. But my dad was really particular about our education and about our position in the society. Today I would like to say that women have carved a niche and I do believe that every woman does the same.

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