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    Default Aryaman is Reva's kidnapper, threatens her to marry him in Aise Karo Na Vida

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    Reva (Aastha Chaudhary) has been kidnapped by an unknown goon in Aise Karo Na Vida, but soon it will be revealed it is Aryaman (Rohit Purohit) who has captured her.

    A source says, “Yash will try his level best to search Reva, but he will not be successful. Reva tries to escape once and even drops her ring so that Yash can reach her. However all her efforts will go in vain! Aryaman will reveal his identity and she will be shocked. He then threatens her to marry him or else he will kill Yash. Reva will have no choice but to agree."

    There will also be a new entry of a cop, Rudrapratap Yadav. Naveen Saini will play the role. He says, "I have just started shooting. It will be a cameo for at least three months. I will help Yashwardhan to find Reva. It is primarily a positive character but later it will be exposed he is actually working for Aryaman. Thus my track will have grey shades. It is a very interesting character and I am enjoying it." Rudrapratap's character will enter the show on Monday, but will Reva get married to Aryaman or not isn’t decided as yet.

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