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    Talking Anhoniyon ka Andhera to take viewers to a mystical world

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    Ace Director Vikram Bhatt, known for his horror flicks and expertise in using special effects, will now take COLORS' viewers to a mystical world on the small screen with 'Anhoniyon ka Andhera'.

    The show which marks the comeback of Anita Hassanandani to television, is the story of this upper middle class couple Rohan Mallik (Ajay Chaudhary) and Anahita Mallik, played by Anita. Veteran actress Nayan Bhatt plays Rohan's mother. The above three characters happen to be the only permanent characters in the show.

    As the story goes on, every episode will deal with a particular case which comes to the notice of Anahita, who has this power of conversing with the super naturals and helping people who are in distress.

    In the initial episodes, Anahita is haunted by this one evil power, and understands that she needs help. However, her husband Rohan Mallik is a guy who never believes in the existence of supernatural powers. It takes some time for the couple to understand what they are being subjected to. And when they do it, they somehow try to get out of the mess. After this, begins the journey of Anahita when she realizes that she has been blessed by this unique power to see people who are troubled by such evil powers. But Anahita will have to overcome the initial hiccups that arise in her marital life, as Rohan does not approve of her idea of solving the problems of people.

    Anita Hassanandani on her role states, "My character name is Anahita Mallik who is a practical, happily married, working woman who leads a normal life till suddenly she encounters some situations which make her realize that she can sense, see and be with ghosts".

    When contacted, Ajay Chaudhary told us, "It's a privilege to be working with a 'Maahir' like Vikram Bhatt. The characters are etched very beautifully, and the horror element is incorporated very well in the story line. The level of horror to be provided to the audience will be intense, and we will advise the viewers to never see the show alone. Watching with family will be the right idea. I am happy that with this show, I take forward the trend of working with good film makers".

    Anhoniyon ka Andhera launches on February 26th and will be aired every Saturday at the 11 PM slot on COLORS.



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