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    Default I am jealous, I am possessive, I laugh and I cry; I am what I am...I am Sana Khan: Sana "Bigg Boss"

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    Today, Sana Khan is a household name but how many people actually knew this gorgeous girl before she entered the controversial game show Bigg Boss Season 6 on Colors?

    And this South actress completely agrees with. However, she also plans to make the best of the visibility that the show has given her by trying her luck in Bollywood now.

    We at spoke to this very lady about her link-up with co-contestants and her future plans.

    Post the press conference that was held in the Bigg Boss house, the actress seemed upset with her image outside the house. Hence, we asked her about it to which she smilingly said, “I was hurt with the fact that in spite of staying in a ‘so-called’ modern society, people expect you to tie a rakhi on your friend’s wrist for them to believe that there is nothing more than that between you’ll.” Here, we tell her that Rajev Paul did make it clear that he had a feeling for her to which she averred, “He said he finds me attractive. It did not mean he loved me or we were going to stay together forever.”

    We further went on to tell her that Rajev’s ex-wife Delnaaz Irani too believed that there was something going on between both of them, to which she stated, “I can’t say anything about it. But, if you’ve seen me on-screen, I cried for Karishma Kotak on the second day of the show which was genuine. And I stayed friends with the same three people for 98 days in the house. I knew that this could have worked against me, but I couldn’t have changed my friends with the fear of being nominated. That is one reason why I am more than happy to be in the top three.”

    When asked about her link-up with Aashka Goradia, she smiled, “I do not know from where that question even came in the first place as for me she was like my elder sister in the house; someone I could look up to when I was upset and happy. I was away from home and when you’re away, you need that one person to just hug and she was that person. I am shocked as to how people gave it a different name.”

    We tell her that an ex-contestant told us once off the record that he saw the two in the washroom together to which she quickly retorted, “I think five weeks had passed and I had not cried a bit. I wasn’t even missing my mom and trust me by then almost everybody in the house had cried. So in the fifth week, when I finally spoke about my mom and her illness, I felt like crying.

    And since, I did not want to cry in front of the camera, I went to the bathroom and seeing that Aashu (Aashka) came in to calm me,” she explained.

    “Had I been image-conscious, I would have maintained a safe distance from people. I do get jealous, I am possessive, I laugh and I cry. I have all the emotions that I portrayed on the show.”

    When asked about the rumours of her living in with Vishal Karwal, she observed, “If I was living in with Vishal, I would have broken his feet had he behaved with me the way he behaved on the show. I am very much from Mumbai and have my own house with my parents staying along with me. So, I do not need to stay in anybody’s house.”

    Lastly, we asked her if she would be looking forward to more work to which she quickly replied, “I wouldn’t have come on TV had it not been for visibility. I have done eight South Indian language films and will be looking forward to Bollywood films now.”
    ...being a human...



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