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    Smile 'I am a greedy man and want all powers' - Dhruv Bhandari

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    If not an actor you would be: Nothing

    A movie that you would like to be a part of: Agneepath

    Favourite song: Sheela Ki Jawani and Peelu at the moment

    If you wake up one morning realizing that you are Rajni kant what would you do?: I would do a somersault

    If you joined circus, what act would you most want to perform?: I would perform Trapeze

    What outfit or article of clothing would you most like to see your spouse wearing?: Casuals like Blue or Black Jean and a white shirt

    If you could be any age for one week what age would you be?: Infant, because I love being pampered

    If you could have one superpower what would you choose?: I am a greedy man, I want all powers

    If you want to sneeze in the middle of the shot what would you do?: Because you can't hold a sneeze I just do that. But there was a time when I had to hold my cough for a long time and I coughed for almost five minutes as soon as the director said cut.

    One dish that you tried to cook and turned out brilliant?: Chicken Tai Curry and I got the best comment from the most experienced person in the kitchen, my mother.

    A sport or game that you love playing: I love cricket and volleyball and also video games and I am planning to buy a PSP.

    Which is your favourite band: Silk Route and Indian Ocean

    Your dream date would be with: Katrina Kaif

    One advice of your elder that you always followed: Keep your cool and be grounded

    Once I was called the Best,
    now you can also be called the Best in ur category.
    so what u waiting 4! make urself capable of being called best....



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