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    Default Allari Naresh to join the six-pack gang in Tollywood

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    Actor Allari Naresh is all set to become the the latest entrant to the six pack bandwagon in Tollywood. Comedy King Allari Naresh who is busy out with his upcoming movie which is touted as Socio fantasy movie. Sunil comedian who was turned into Hero who was appeared with six packs in Poola Rangadu.

    It was Allu Arjun who unveiled the gym-chiseled body in the film Desamuduru. Actors Nitin and Kamal Kamaraju also opted for the muscled bodies. After, Sunil had shown his six-packs in Poola Rangadu, the body building frenzy caught up with the top stars of Tollywood.

    Allari Naresh was inspired by the Sunil from the movie Poola Rangadu and thinking to have six packs in his upcoming movie. This movie is touted as socio fantasy and the title of the movie is yet to be announced.

    This movie is going to launch on 25th of April while satti babu is directing this untitled film and Chanti Addala is producing this film. Will Allari Naresh prove himself as an Action Hero?? Letís wait and see how the fans will receive.



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