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    Default I was an aimless, lazy girl : Soumya Seth

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    On screen, Star Plusí Navya comes across as a coy and simple girl, but off screen she can talk about everything under the sun. In fact, she is chatty, spunky, and full of energy.

    Your character Navya is being highly appreciated. How did you bag the role?

    I have been immensely lazy and aimless in life. However, just the next day after my 21 birthday, my sister received a call from a coordinator, but since she wasnít interested she asked me to go for the audition. When Siddharth Tewary of Swastik Pictures saw me, he said I was finalized for the show.

    How do you handle this new found success?

    I know that it is the character that has made me so popular. Since the concept of Navya is a fresh one, people have loved it and made us all stars. However, I do miss going to shopping malls and I canít hang out with my friends the way I used to before.

    Has life changed after Navya?

    After I entered the television industry, I have gone through a lot of changes. Initially I was too shy but today, I can talk about anything and everything. I have realized that it is very important to talk and communicate with people around you. Not only this, earlier I used to sleep for eighteen hours, now I work for eighteen hours. I must admit I really love this change.

    Are there any similarities between your onscreen avatar and the real Soumya?

    There are many similarities between Navya and Soumya, but I am not as simple as Navya. I am very naughty and have my share of fun. I have got the best people and friends in my life and I am immensely attached to my family the way Navya is (smiles). They are very supportive and they keep pushing me to try out new things in life and I am very open with them.

    Howís your equation with your co-actors? Are there any insecurities?

    There is no scope for insecurities as they all are my friends and we all are very close to each other. We do lots of masti on the sets and they all pamper me like a baby. In fact, Kshitee Jog, who plays my mother in the show, takes care of me like my real mother all the time. Whenever I feel sleepy I go and sleep on her lap. Not only is she one of the finest actors but also a gem of a person. I can do anything on my sets as everyone is very co-operative and friendly. It is like second home to me.

    What about your co-star Shaheer with whom you share a great chemistry on-screen?

    Just like all my co-actors, Shaheer too is a friend. He motivates me a lot while performing scenes and we also have our share of fights. But we donít hang out together after shooting.

    Okay. What is your take on casting couch?

    Thankfully, I have not come across any such incident. But I have heard people talking about it. I see my profession as a noble job.

    What is your relationship status?

    Most of my time goes in shooting for Navya, I have no time for love(Laughs). But Iím very much single. However, except for a few crushes, Iíve not had a serious relationship till date. And I think I will go for an arranged marriage.

    What are your future plans? Are there any roles in your mind you would like to do?

    I want to do a typical Punjabi character similar to Kajolís character in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. I want to also try out my hands in anchoring. And since the profession I am in is not very secure and lacks stability, I plan to join my dadís business in the future.

    Lastly, what message would you like to give your fans?

    I would like to thank all my fans who have made us all celebrities. Keep on supporting and loving me the way you have been doing all this while. Please continue to shower your blessing on us. A lot of hugs and kisses to you all.
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