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    Default Actors were over-paid earlier: Sudha Chandran

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    The boom period on television is over, but Sudha Chandran has no complaints, she tells TOI...

    As Ramola Sikand in Kahin Kissi Roz, you were quite a style icon on TV, but not anymore....
    In Mata Ki Chowki my character is very stylised. She is a small town lady, sheís very loud and likes to make her presence felt. But this character is more like a designerwear mata. Ramola Sikand, of course, was upmarket and classy.

    But youíd agree that there was a time when TV characters influenced women viewers in their dressing, which is not the case today.

    There is a major metamorphosis on television today. The era of plastic and cosmetic look is over and Iím glad. The top serials of today are focussing on simple families, hence the look is plain and more real. Yes, for mythologicals and mytho-socio subjects, you still need the over-the-top look. But overall television has gone rural and thatís fantastic because villages comprise a major part of India.

    Actors, however, are unhappy with the money they are being offered nowadays...
    During the boom, actors were paid too much. As an actor I was happy, but personally I thought it was overrated. Now we have settled into something more realistic. I remember when I was being paid that much Iíd tell my family ĎI think we are being a little overpaidí. After the boom, came the hit and now things have stabilised. Thatís how every economy works.

    Unlike many other actors, you seem quite content...

    Yes, I am absolutely fine with the way things are. Iím still doing reasonably well. Iíve seen it all since the time I got into acting in 1985, at a time when there was hardly any money that one got!

    Apart from Mata Ki Chowki, you are doing regional daily soaps as well. How are you managing all of them?

    Iím doing Adhoora Bandhan on DD. I always make it a point to do one show on DD because the reach is tremendous. That apart, Iím doing one Tamil show and thereís one more that should start soon. Thereís another Malayalam TV serial too. Iím also excited about my Malayalam film Alexander The Great with Mohanlal. Iím doing a Malayalam film after 22 years. Work is hectic, but Iím truly loving it.

    Youíve got back into dancing in a big way too...

    Yes. I have been doing a lot of shows including commercial Bollywood dance-based shows as well as classical shows for dance festivals. Thereís also a dance ballet titled Shakti that Iíve come up with. We depict nine forms of devi in nine different states (South, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Kolkata, Jammu) in nine formats of dance.



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