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    Talking Abhay, the face behind Padma Chachi in Sangini..

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    The March 14th episode will reveal to the viewers the real face behind Padma Chachi's mask in Zee TV's Sanjog Se Bani Sangini..

    Every aspect of the new entry Padma Chachi in Zee TV's Sanjog Se Bani Sangini has been mysterious!! The character who sports a huge red bindi with half of her face covered in her saree has been creating problems in the life of Rudr (Iqbal Khan) and Gauri (Binny Sharma) ever since she has entered.

    While the prime suspects happen to be Pihu (Additi Gupta), Naani (Kunica Lal) and Ratnesh (Sandeep Baswana), the plot is going to thicken in the next few episodes before the revelation happens on 14th March.

    TellyBuzz was the first to give our readers news about such an intriguing track opening up, and we now give you the first information on the identity of Padma Chachi.

    Our source states, "It's not Pihu, Ratnesh or Naani who dons the mask of Padma Chachi. Instead, it is Abhay (Raunaq Ahuja) who is the mastermind behind all this. The dedicated husband in Abhay has forced him to take this big step. His motive is to separate Rudr and Gauri, so that he can open up a chance for Pihu to get united with the man she loves the most".

    The real face behind the mask will be revealed to the viewers on March 14th, when Abhay will remove the mask, thereby showing his face. A small hint to this is already been shown in the scene where Abhay reveals to Pihu that he knows the nuances of draping a sari.

    While on one hand, Padma Chachi is enthusing Ram (Vikas Bhalla) to make all the needed arrangements for his marriage with Gauri, Rudr on the other hand senses somebody's hand in creating problems between him and Gauri. He also realizes that Padma Chachi might be responsible for the confusion, and will try his best to know who this lady is.

    If sources are to be believed, Rudr will get into a huge confrontation with Abhay once he gets to know of the fact. There is also a possibility of Abhay being bumped off in the climax of this track. All this we hear, will happen on the day of Ram and Gauri's wedding.

    We tried contacting Raunaq Ahuja and Binny Sharma, but both were unavailable for comment.

    Well, this will indeed be a shocker of a revelation if Abhay turns out to be the black sheep!! Let's now wait for the D-day, i.e. 14th March to know whether this comes true or not!!



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