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    Default Rohit Roy Interview (transcript)

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    Rohit Roy Interview transcript

    1) Did you always want to be an actor?

    No I never wanted to be an actor.. In fact I always laughed when I saw ronit on screen singing and dancing with his heroines :-) I was doing my MBA when someone saw my pictures and called for an ad for vimal suitings.. And then anant balani saw those pictures and called me for a film.. That's why I call myself an actor by accident..

    2) How did your debut as a director in Dus Kahaniyan happen?

    It also happened accidently.. Sanjay gupta always knew i wanted to direct but i never knew he was planning to give me a break so soon:-) he just called one day out of the blue and told me id be directing rice plate!! Directing dus k was the most memorable experience of my career till date.. I have not enjoyed anything else as much as I did directing shabana ji and naseer bhai.. They are so cute to work with and absolutely different from their serious images.. I can't even think of doing a film without them ever!!!

    3) Are you planning to director another film in 2009?

    I am working on the first draft of my next film which will be an out and out action flick for White feather.. Am also working on the remake of the 80's cult classic shaukeen.. That's being produced by my friend bunty of carving dreams ent..

    4) Can you give us some insight to your upcoming films Alibaug, and Mittal vs Mittal?

    Mittal will be my first release of 09. Its my first solo film and I am extremely hopefully that people will like the film and me.. Its a very very difficult role with shades of grey.. Initial response to my performance has been very positive indeed and that is very gratifying.. My wife who's my biggest critic liked my work for the first time in my life.. Alibaug is a very special film to me as it will cast me opposite my wife manasi.. Its a film about friends and is directed by one of my closest friends sanjay Gupta.. Its going to be the biggest hit of 09!!

    5) How was your work experience in Fashion?

    Ha ha what can I say about fashion.. I am completely stunned by the reactions I received for it.. Its just a small and sweet cameo which I did for my dear friend madhur.. I never thought people would appreciate me in a 2 scene appearance!! But it helped me realise what my dad always used to say... Whatever u do, do it well..

    6) One favorite guest that has appeared on your show "Inside Bollywood"

    Well that's a tough one.. Everyone who appeared on my show is a favourite.. Otherwise I wouldn't have invited them:-) how can I pick between amit ji who's my idol and abhishek who's probably one actor who I can trust implicitly and I love him as a brother.. How can I pick between shabana ji and naseer bhai?? How can I pick between aamir khan and sanju sir who treats me like a kid brother?? But if u force me, I'll pick tabu... I am completely in love with her.. She's stunning inside out.. One of the best actors of our times.. I simply adore her ..

    7) Struggle is something most actors had to go through back in the you feel that it still applies?

    Hey struggle has nothing to do with back in the days and all:-))) struggle is very much a part of all our lives which can never end.. And shouldnt.. Because end of struggle would mean the end of life.. I would say the end of one struggle means the begining of another!! I am today considered somewhat of a multi talent but deep down I still feel I haven't received the syccess I truly deserve as an actor.. I am constantly trying to prove my worth inspite of hits like shootiut at lokhandwala etc.. But I don't mind:-)

    8) You have done many films and television shows, which do you prefer?

    There is no question that I prefer the medium of cinema.. I am what I an because of tv but tv never gave me the satisfaction I so craved for.. I got a lot of popularity and stardom from tv but creatively I was starved and frustrated.. I enjoy the process of film making and hope to act in and direct a film soon.. That would be my true calling.. Inshallah

    9) The Mumbai Attacks have brought back the memories of 9/11. Innocent human beings have lost their lives, and the army, NGO fought with brave heart. What are some actions that you think the world together should take to stop these kinds of attacks?

    There's only one sane action that will stop all terrorist activity.. And no that does not include any filmy action scene of going and bombing all the terrorists.. The only way is for all the governments of the world to come together with one common agenda of non support to any kind of religious or fundamentalist groups who covertly or openly spread terror using religion as a basis.. Most warfare or terror attacks are based in religious differences and I am quite sure no religion can preach violence or bloodshed.. Which religion would support a dastardly act like 26/11.. Pakistan should be cajoled and taken into confidence not forced.. Because the politics of that country will not let the leaders ever act in favor of India whatever the external pressure..

    10) Today there are many news channels, do you feel they are making a mockery of many news stories? (Entertaiment and Serious News)

    Most of the news channels are making a living out of glorifying the misery of the aam junta.. Even a situation like 26/11 became a media circus.. But its a thin line as we as audiences also like to see dramatised versions of the situation.. But I am strongly against masala reporting.. If a particular journo has tears in her eyes while in front of the taj its understandable but please don't quiver while showing me shards of broken glass from a ****in boutique at the hotel!!! That's mockery..

    11) How do you handle fan followings?

    I don't have to handle fan following.. My wife makes sure she handles them on her own:-)) ha ha.. Ok seriously speakin, I ve always enjoyed my fan following which surprisingly is more female than male which turned around slightly after shootiut.. I have no problems with it and they are the reason I am what i am.. I only hope I can keep giving them reasons for trying to tear my clothes off by continuing to do good work..

    12) If you had a chance to choose another profession, what would it be?

    I would probably be a painter.. I love the arts and would make a superb artist I think:-)))

    13) You recently performed at ITA Awards on songs by Akshay Kumar, what was the moment like?

    Well it was good for me but I am hoping it was better for aki.. After all they were his songs!! I had a great time and was told that it definately was the most rocking act that nite.. So I guess u should check with akshay whether he enjoyed it or not:-)

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