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    Default Wi-Fi or 3G Technology What are The Distinctions Between The Two?

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    Portable computing devices are in vogue these days. Thanks to the advancement of telecommunication and internet technologies! Mobile phones and laptops in the recent times come equipped with a number of advanced facilities and features to provide you a better computing experience. Wireless systems are on hike for their advantage of fast communication, different online processes and data transfer. Two wireless connections are quite famous among the PC users – Wi-Fi and 3G.

    These two technologies cater efficient accessibility to wireless internet network and services. Then what is the difference between the two? Tech support experts can furnish you better about these two wireless technologies. Despite of the fact that both these technologies can be used in PDAs, smartphones, laptops and entertainment gadgets, there are some major differences between the two.
    Distinguishing Wi-Fi from 3G – A Brief Idea

    Functionality – Service providers offer 3G technology while Wi-Fi routers control Wi-Fi access when placed in a specific location from access point. Wi-Fi connections are now more popular than the 3G technologies.

    Speed – Which technology do you think is faster? Yes, it is the Wi-Fi which reports a speed of 600 mbps. In 3G technology, data transferring largely depends on whether the device is moving or is in stationary condition and also on its type. A wireless LAN is said to provide you 2.05 mbps faster rate than 3G.

    Signaling – When it comes to signal transmission, 3G stands in a high position than Wi-Fi network. In Wi-Fi network the signal is strong only within your router’s range. But since, 3G network is provided by mobile service providers, you can experience strong signal reception.

    Security – This is one key factor tat determines the choice of the networking system. In this regard, Wi-Fi has greater vulnerability to new threats because of the wireless nature of this network. You can keep this network secure by restricting the number of PC systems which can use this network. On the contrary, 3G network is more secured because of its link to service provider.

    Power consumption – If you desire to save power, you should not use 3G network since this network uses around 4 to 5 times greater power than the Wi-Fi networking system. This is one reason why 3G technology is not used in mobile phones while accessing huge data chunks. A huge amount of battery power is being used up in the process. With Wi-Fi network, you can use it inside your home without the fear of using more power.

    Utilization – 3G phones are used in the same manner as the ordinary phones. The only specialty with 3G phones is that you have the facility of voice and video transmission. Wi-Fi network, on the other hand, is even faster than Bluetooth technology. Wi-Fi connects to different computer systems and the internet at a much faster rate.
    Mobility – 3G offers better mobility than Wi-Fi network. You can get 3G connection wherever you have the coverage of the service providers. Wi-Fi network is limited only to its hotspots. To have greater understanding of the differences, call up computer help desk.
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