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    Internet users face problems accessing Youtube website when different countries decide to try internet censorship and ISPs block access to Youtube You could be staying in many countries and may not be able to watch certain videos on Youtube. The message �This video is not available in your country� comes up. Now this is not because of any censorship or ISPs blocking access to this video but this is because the owner and poster of videos use Youtube filters to limit these videos to one or more countries.

    There are many such videos like Armor for sleep � Hold the door is not available outside USA and BBC�s clip Stop calling it a Honeymoon can only be watched in the UK.
    Bypass Youtube Region Filtering To Watch Blocked Youtube Videos

    Youtube determine your physical sorry (country) from the IP address of your computer. This trick can bypass this country-specific limitation.

    If the URL of Youtube Video is:

    Replace /watch?v=part with /v so that your new URL is now:

    Thats it! Now you can watch a blocked YouTube video in your Country | Location.

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