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    Default Top 5 cloud services to store your data online and their reviews

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    In a world where everything revolves around the web, now you can even store your data on the Internet.Termed as online storage, these features now provided by renowned servers. Before using a service a word of caution to anyone using online storage: Servers can crash and companies can go bankrupt, both without warning. Never rely totally on online storage. Also while all of these services take measures to lock down your data, the privacy and security of your files is ultimately up to you. Be sure to encrypt all files holding personal data, and plan for the day your online files disappear.

    Windows Live Sky Drive:

    One of the most heard about online storage mediums this Microsoft product is by far one of the best online storage devices available. Windows Live Sky Drive offers 25GB of free online storage. The data you store are accessed using your Windows Live ID, which for the most part is completely secure. You may need Active X Plug-In to upload files by using drag and drop feature. It also enables efficient management of files with options to create new folders, manage folders and additionally share your data with specific people or a group in your contact list.


    IDrive is a top notch remote online backup solution which initially provides 2GB free storage services which can be converted into 10GB when you sign up and give 5 valid email address for promotion. Although it can be daunting at first, its phone and chat support services are helpful. After that it's smooth sailing with added features like continuous uploading (even if there are interruption in the Internet), encryption of files in storage and an option to recover files.


    Ranked among one of the top online option and value for price with ample storage. But it is often criticised for its limited features and poor help and support.

    Open Drive:

    This is a smart choice because it provides easy web access alongside high protection. With powerful features such as online backup, OpenDrive is one of the top online storage services.

    Click link to use the service : OpenDrive | Online Storage, Backup & Cloud Content Management

    Rapidshare is also an online storage facility however it is classified as a web-hoster that provides an easy way to upload and share files online. With its one-click web-hosting solution you can put your files online for free with just one click. Files put up will still be personal and secure if required and only the bearer of the URL will have access to the file. Also your file will be deleted when it has not been accessed for more than 90 days.


    This mass online storage host stores millions of text, audio,video,photo and other files among which most are up for free sharing.It offers 5GB of free storage for document files, music files, video files and image files.

    While these are amongst the top ranked online servers, there are several other dedicated online storage facilities which are listed below :





    * ADrive | Online Storage, Online Backup, Cloud Storage

    I have listed some of them only, If you search on google or other search engine you will find more..

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    Also Mediafire.



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