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    Default Ten Ways to Make Money Online

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    Are you trying to make some extra money without any investment? Internet is the right media for you to fulfill that; it is filled with money-making opportunities. Consistency, hard work and dedication are essential in order to emerge as a successful online entrepreneur. Your knowledge and experience can be effectively used in the fields you excel. Thankfully, there are numerous ways to make some extra money online. Let us take a look at a few:

    1.Sell Stuff on eBay

    Selling valuable stuff that you don’t need anymore and making money is the traditional method which is still in practice. The goods can be auctioned on eBay or other auction sites. All you have to do is create a profile and begin selling. If you expect to make more money, ensure that the buyers get good customer service. The positive feedback that you get from the buyers is the driving force for your business.


    Do you have the passion for writing? Do you want to express your thoughts and views? Blogging is the best choice for you. Once your personal blog is ready, beautify the page with advertisements. The more the number of times the ad gets clicked by visitors, the more money you make. If your blog is interesting and well written, companies approach you to display their ads and graphs. Soon you can join the group of bloggers who resign their jobs and get into full time blogging for amount of money they make from the advertisers.

    3.Handmade Goods

    Though there are several interesting goods available in the market, handmade goods are high in demand. If you are good at traditional arts and crafts like knitting, needlework, glasswork, painting, woodwork and many more, you can sell them on websites like and While selling these goods make sure that the making cost is covered and you gain some profit from the sale. This is a great way to make money out of your hobbies.

    4.SEO Review

    Search Engine Optimization holds a bright future for online employment. As a SEO reviewer, you can help in the website optimization. Using the set of guidelines you will have to evaluate the content. You have to judge the objective and the keyword combination of the content. SEO review can offer stable earnings from home, if you have the following:
    • Antivirus software
    • Excellent guard against Malware

    5.Customer Service

    Customer service is the backbone to any business, be it online or regular. Offering customer service through websites and by email is widely popular. Home-based workers, you have two options to choose from. Firstly, on a website you need to answer the customer’s queries and interact with them on a chat window. Secondly, you can answer the customer’s email. Online customer service representatives are high in demand and you will get a steady income.

    6.Amazon Mechanical Turk

    Mechanical Turk has simple tasks that can be completed within minutes. You can find various tasks like taking surveys, testing sites, writing articles and many more. Based on the task, the payment varies. You can also complete higher-paying tasks which require a lot of hard work and commitment.

    7.Virtual Assistant

    This profession is having a steady growth all around the world. A virtual office assistant provides professional technical and administrative assistance to his/her client. This profession gives you the flexibility to work for several clients. You will receive your project instructions through fax, phone, email and other modern ways. Apart from offering secretarial services you can also assist in marketing, graphic designing, translation and more. The best way to excel in this field is to choose a particular niche and specialize in it.

    8.Audio Files

    Transcribing audio files is a quick way to make some money. This is a simple job which requires excellent knowledge on the English language and precise hearing skills. Use a foot pedal to stop and restart the audio. Transcribing interviews is a challenge which requires a lot of patience. You can use Sony Sound Forge or Sony Forge 9 to edit the audio.

    9.Create Backgrounds

    Are you interested in designing? This is a great way to earn some extra dollars. Create Twitter backgrounds and e-covers which are high in demand. Create unique designs with a definite theme and display your art skills. Keep an eye on the dimensions and requirements.


    Get paid $5 in this website by doing anything you like. You get jobs like designing business cards, installing WordPress plugins, singing a song or teaching to create a Twitter account, etc. This is a quick way to make money within short time.

    I hope the above list has inspired you. A little more research will lead you to many more job opportunities online.

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