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    Default Sony launches its iPad rival

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    Sony launches its iPad rival... a twin-screen tablet that opens like a book

    Sony Tablet P has two 5.5in touchscreens, 16GB of memory, wi-fi and 3G
    Sony also unveiled the more traditional Tablet S, which has one screen

    Sony yesterday unveiled the world’s first folding tablet computer, which it hopes will challenge Apple’s iPad.
    The £479 Sony Tablet P has two 5.5in touchscreens and can be folded in half, making it more portable than the iPad and other similar devices.
    Sony says it will easily fit inside a handbag or jacket pocket. It is £20 cheaper than an iPad 2 with the same wi-fi and 3G internet access.

    Looking to steal some of the iPad's thunder: Sony Tablet P was one of two new products unveiled by the global tech giant in Berlin today ahead of a Christmas sales war

    Sleek: Sony also unveiled a more conventional tablet, the Tablet S

    The two sides of the tablet can be combined and used as one large screen – albeit with a potentially irritating hinge running through the middle.
    They can also operate independently, with one running a game and one running emails, for example.

    Like other tablet computers it can download music and videos and has cameras on the front and back, allowing for video calls.

    Android 3.1 Honeycomb
    9.4-inch screen
    1280 x 800 resolution
    512MB RAM
    16GB memory
    NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor
    Front and rear cameras
    WiFi and 3G compatible
    Work as remote control on Sony products
    Price - £399
    Set for release in September
    Android 3.2 Honeycomb
    Two 5.5-inch screens
    Two 1024 x 480 pixel displays
    RAM unknown
    16GB memory
    NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor
    Book-style layout
    WiFi and 3G compatible
    Price - £479
    Set for release in November

    Portable: The Tablet P has two 5.5-inch screens, each with a 1024 x 480 display. It will cost £479

    Closed Tablet P: The device has 16GB of memory, wi-fi and 3G and can be folded in half

    Tablet computers are predicted to be the hottest Christmas must-haves this year, along with smartphones such as Apple’s iPhone 5, due to be unveiled this month. Details of the device were revealed at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin, where a host of manufacturers were revealing new or upgraded tablets.
    Sony also unveiled a more conventional tablet, the Sony S.
    It has a 9.4in touchscreen, and it comes with infrared technology, which means it can be used as a remote control for a TV or Blu-ray disc player. At the touch of a button, video and photos can be transferred – or ‘thrown’ – from the tablets to compatible TV sets, such as Sony’s Bravia range.
    The version with wi-fi access will cost £399, the same as a similar 16GB iPad 2. An iPad 2 with wi-fi and 3G access costs £499. The wi-fi version will be available in the UK from the middle of September, while the enhanced 3G version and the folding Sony Tablet P will go into stores in November.
    The Mobile Gazette website praised the ‘innovative design’ of the products and said: ‘These two Sony tablets could finally provide some serious competition to the Apple iPad 2.’
    But Jeff Loff, an electronics analyst at Macquarie Securities, was not impressed with the new offerings, giving the blunt assessment: ‘We think the design will fail

    Comfortable: The Tablet S was designed with a tapered width for carrying around 'like a magazine'

    Back side: The Tablet S has 1280 x 800 screen resolution, 512MB RAM and 32GB memory

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