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    Default Software combo to safeguard PC against hacking

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    A protective software combo on the computer makes it invincible against identity or password theft, snooping and malware installation, a criminology study revealed.

    According to the associate professor of criminal justice at MSU, Thomas Holt, the three forms of protective software provide a much better chance to the computer users to safeguard their credit card information.

    The triple combo is comprised of anti-virus software that detects and removes viruses and worms that can corrupt a computer and can also spread to others computers.

    It also includes anti-spyware and anti-adware to protect against software that either self-installs stealthily or is installed by the user and enables information to be gathered covertly about a personís Internet use, passwords and other information.

    The triple combo of protective software helps a computer user in reducing the chances of being a victim of identity theft as itís not just about protecting the files but also about protecting the users economically.

    The computer users who are engaged in downloading pirated music or pornographic images are more likely to be victims of identity theft, the study found. The pirated movies and music may contain malware and can place users at risk for harm.
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