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    Default Proves: Apple Never Say Lies

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    Yes this is the true Apple never say lies and we know that well and here we are with a well known problem happened and Apple followed the way to fix it and to admit the truth, now do follow us after the jump to read the story about Apple is maps before and after the launch and the problems!
    Well well well, Apple launched itís amazing iPhone 5 and commented that itís the biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone and we didnít see anything that bigger before, and now in this post we have a beautiful thing for you, Apple talked too much about itís Maps and also commented ďAll of which may just make this app the most beautiful, powerful mapping service ever.Ē but when it came between our hands and we saw how bad it is, and reported about the worst maps application in Apple or in the smartphones world.

    Apple has corrected the description on their maps on and wrote ďAll in a beautiful vector-based interface that scales and zooms with ease.Ē
    dR Boss is back babyy



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