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    Default All online dictionaries in one

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    All online dictionaries in one

    There are many online dictionaries available in the internet today. These online dictionaries on top of providing the meaning of the words, also provide synonyms and antonyms. Most people would like to check these individual online dictionaries one by one for the same word and compare the meanings to get a better understanding of the word.

    There is a better option available to get the meanings provided by all these dictionaries in a single page using google. For example you want to find the meaning of the word ‘tips’, follow the below steps.
    Goto in your browser
    type-> definition:tips and press enter
    google will return all the different definitions available for that word.
    In addition, google will let you choose different languages. You can choose different language to find the meaning in the chosen language.
    In additio google will show different phrases that can be used with that word. You can click them to find the meaning.



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