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    Fannan NewLook 7 Lite 2012

    Completed the first issue of the beautiful
    Fannan NewLook 7 Lite 2012

    The completion of the design of the first artist Look 7
    A version of Windows crude dilute Seven Added AT basics needed by any user

    What has been deleted from the original Korean language = Japanese and Chinese

    What was added for version = set of programs (optional download but not compulsory) contain the basics Almanmoh any individual
    The contents of the programs in the photos
    Was added distinctive set of images and shapes that fit the eyes of the Arabs were selected at the hands of an artist and Dr. eyes were amended lines in shapes to fit in dealing with Arab regimes - and there attention to the size of the fonts in some way in the system

    None played in the files Dll - which gives stable and clear in the system
    System is considered one of the most distinctive systems swords on the scene of the species most commonly used Alnjulok between Arab regimes amended
    Alnjulok previous systems found in 80 countries around the world have been downloaded more than a million of them a 93% of Egypt
    This is a picture of the whereabouts of the system (platoon Alnjulok) in 31.07.2012

    This group of the most important images of the system
    I would not say it was the best systems modified to Okny I can say that it is the most widespread species Alnjulok between Arabs (80 countries) - This reflects other words the beauty of the system

    For we have come to put pictures of the system now

    Each link : 95 MB One click file hosting: Fannan_NewLook_7_[Finished].part1.rar One click file hosting: Fannan_NeewLook_7_[Finished].part2.rar One click file hosting: Fannaan_NewLook_7_[Finished].part3.rar One click file hosting: Fannan_NewLoook_7_[Finished].part4.rar One click file hosting: Faannan_NewLook_7_[Finished].part5.rar One click file hosting: Fannann_NewLook_7_[Finished].part6.rar One click file hosting: Fannan_NewLookk_7_[Finished].part7.rar One click file hosting: Ffannan_NewLook_7_[Finished].part8.rar



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