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    Default Facebook warning: Bosses beware of legal action for seeking passwords

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    There has been a growing trend involving ********s asking interviewees and employees for their Facebook password, recent reports revealed. The social networking giant, Facebook, has condemned the practice terming it a violation of privacy.

    Facebook, on Friday, warned ********s about trying to gain inappropriate access to Facebook accounts to check out private information about potential employees, citing possible legal liability.

    The chief privacy officer of Facebook, revealed that there are increasing cases of ********s trying to access user accounts in the US. The most alarming of these practices is that the ********s are asking their employees to reveal their passwords, she said.

    She stated that a user should never be forced to share private information just to get a job, it further adds to the violation of privacy. The ********s seeking Facebook passwords of the employees are subjected to unanticipated legal liability.

    The social networking giant has changed its Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, making requests to share or solicit a Facebook log-in a violation of the social networks’ rules. Facebook also cited legal action against violators of these rules.

    Accessing private information through someone else's Facebook password could put the ******** or interviewer in breach of privacy and discrimination laws.
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