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    Default Electric sunglasses record life through your eyes

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    There is a bandwagon just starting to roll containing various pairs of video-capable and augmented reality glasses. Google is currently in the driver's seat, but it's far from the only company working on ways to allow us all to record video from a first-person perspective and integrate what we see into our online lives. A case in point is Vergence Labs' Social Video Electric Eyewear, a project that aims to raise US$50K via crowdfunding site Kickstarter.

    Kickstarter projects vary wildly. Some offer a simple concept that needs funding to even get to the prototype stage, some an actual product that is almost ready to go but needs a final push, and some offer all of that and a lot more besides. Vergence Labs creators Erick Miller and Jon Rodriguez outline their lofty goal of reinventing the human-computer experience on the projects' Kickstarter page, but for now they're content with developing a pair of sunglasses with two key innovations built in.

    The Social Video Electric Eyewear, as they're ominously named, are firstly a pair of electric-powered sunglasses that utilize "chromatic shifting conductive glass" to enable the lenses to be lightened or darkened with the press of a button. Secondly they contain a tiny camera capable of recording 720p video through the eyes of the wearer. The camera faces the world through a pinhole set between the two lenses, meaning the recorded images should be as close as possible to capturing the world as the wearer sees it. The video is saved to a microSD card, but the disappointing battery life of two hours means you won't be able to capture every moment of every day.
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