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    Default Dell preparing an iPad-killer based on Windows 8?

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    Office workers who are fed-up of their clunky workstations that their company forces them to use may help Dell hit the goldmine! Surprising indeed, but this is how Dell feels.

    Even though Apple's third generation iPad opened to fanatic fanfare and customary queues outside Apple stores, hardware giants Dell feel the tablet market is still open.

    After disappointing sales, Dell took its tablet Streak off shelves. Streak was based on Google's Android OS, and Dell it seems, is planning a fresh assault on iPad, by tying up with Apple's common enemy Microsoft.

    The touch-inerface based tablet will work on Windows 8, that (to quote Dell) "works across desktop computers, tablets and smartphones."

    Dell has also recently launched an 'ultrabook', a high-end notebook that is light and thin, but as powerful as a regular laptop. The XPS 13 costs about $995.
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