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    Default Will Anyone Create a Killer App for Google Glass?

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    pp aspirations: Google invited developers to two “Glass Foundry” events recently to dream up the apps for its new Glass device.

    Last summer, Ian Shakil, then a recent graduate of Stanford business school, got to try on Google's head-mounted computing device, Glass, earlier than almost anyone outside the company.

    Hanging out with some Google employee friends at San Francisco's Dolores Park, he put on a pair and decided he'd just glimpsed the future of computing. Shakil, who at the time was working as a consultant to MC10, a flexible electronics company, says, "I had that epiphany moment: I'd quit my job, and devote myself to creating a startup."

    Completely new gadget categories aren't created very often. But when they are, they can disrupt existing businesses and create massive opportunities for new startups that build the killer apps for the new big thing. The shockwaves created by the iPhone and its App Store, for instance, are still being felt across the computer industry.



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