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    Lightbulb How To Check If a Website Is Safe ?

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    Itís not safe anymore to visit a website and hope that it's safe. Even well-known websites can be compromised and used to deliver viruses and other forms of malware. This article exlains how you can check whether a website is safe before you visit it.

    Free online website checking services

    Some antivirus provides network protection that will check the website or file is safe or not. Add them in your bookmark or favorites so the next time you want to visit a site, youíll get to see first if itís not going to harm your system:

    Check Site Safe - - enter the URL or web address to check if the site is safe or not.
    Google Safe Browsing - - This is a service by Google. Just enter the URL at the end of
    Norton Safe Web - - a service by Symantec to check if the site is safe or not. Links on the bad file but not clickable is listed. Users can add their review. If a site is not known as good or bad, they will review to add the rating
    SiteAdvisor - - check if the site is safe or have malware
    Web of Trust (WOT) - - see if the site serving malware, phishing, spyware or rogue sites

    By using the above services , you are protecting not only your computer but your private information because some websites will ask for your login credentials. Better be safe than sorry!

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    thanks for sharing..that was helpful !

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    nice post. thanks for sharing.

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