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    Muthirai Tamil Movie Online Review:

    The film opens with a political murder of Alakar Adhiyamaan (Saravanan) who is killed by his own brother Thonda Adhiyaman (Anand) and party member Aadhikesavan (Ponvannan) is shot on his hand. Thonda Adhiyaman is in deep coma and it's complete confusion amongst party members to choose the next chief minister.

    A stranger (Chetan) keeps making threatening call to someone about something that eventually makes Commissioner (Kishore) of Mumbai shoring on Chennai for investigation.

    Azhagu (Daniel Balaji), a hi-tech thief involved in conniving acts comes across a petty thief Satya (Nithin Satya) and they're friends now.

    Thusly, the unconnected tale of these three dramas get coalesced at a point leading to unexpected turns and twists with an unpredictable climax.

    Daniel Balaji is cool on his performance with best gestures and emoting perfectly to situations while Nithin Satya is no where different from his previous flicks. Lakshmi Rai looks so slim and projects with a different look with stylishness while Manchari has a long way to go................

    Watch Online Tamil Movie Muthirai

    mai F ko F hee Bolta ho lolzzz



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