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    Manjal Veyil Tamil Movie Review:

    A movie made to entertain the audience will have few basic elements but Haasini Cinemas 'Manjal Veyil' has everything jumbled up thus leaving us annoyed with the insanity.

    The lackluster treatment of the movie is just one of the many mishaps of director Vaseegaran. The film was in the shelves for a longtime which is evident in the outdated cinematography when movies are being made brilliantly colorful. It is not just the plot or music or characters but everything appears too clich嶮 comfortably floating us in a feeling of d嶴 vu right from the start till the end.

    The story is as old as the stone ages about a special bond between the couple. The inseparable friends Vijay (Prasanna) and Gayathri (Sandhya) are the centre of attraction making everyone wrongly assume them to be ardent lovers. In comes Gayathri's sister's bridegroom (RK) during the wedding time and changes his mind to marry her. He does all evil tricks to make his dream come true and finally manages to make their parents agree for the marriage. But, Gayathri flees the scene with her friend Vijay in search of her lost lover. The sincere friend tries all possible means to unite her with the guy and does the task sacrificing something precious, his life..

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    mai F ko F hee Bolta ho lolzzz

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