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    Default Kutty (2010) DVD w/ Eng Sub - Tamil Movie With English Subtitle - Online/Download

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    The plot opens with Geetha (Shriya Saran) at Kanyakumari beach looking at a lonely lying personal diary where she enjoys a poem written in it. She admires the poem by replying on the same page. While she & her friend admire the beauty of Sunrise, she accidentally loses one of her anklets (it falls in the sea). She sees a person jumping in after it and she perceives him to have died in the waters. The incident haunts her in her dream again and again and feels very guilty for it. In her college, she meets a rich, handsome boy Arjun (Sameer Dattani) who impresses her to win her love. He proposes her and threatens her to love him or else he would die by jumping from college roof top. Already feeling guilty for being cause of a person’s death, not willing to let it happen again Geetha accepts his love and screams ‘I love You’ in front of the entire college to Arjun which was witnessed by Kutty (Dhanush)……..

    Kutty (2010) DVD w/ Eng Sub - Tamil Movie - Online/Download

    Movie: Kutty (2010)
    Cast: Dhanush, Shriya Saran
    Lanquage: Tamil
    Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance
    English Subtitle: Yes

    Kutty (2010) DVD w/ Eng Sub - Tamil Movie With English Subtitle Singel Part

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